"It’s a brave new world, and girls have more choices than ever. That’s why 2030 Girls has created a line of dolls for the women of tomorrow. We believe community, identity, and stability are child’s play. Because this is 2030."

2030-Girls Andie2030-Girls Andie

"I keep my feet on the ground and my head in the Cloud, because that’s what I was made for! Whether it’s optimizing electrical configurations or servicing the fire suppression system, I love problem solving. Some say my intelligence is artificial, but there’s nothing fake about my desire to help people. It’s the least I can do to thank the donors who sacrificed their organs to build me."

2030-Girls Dawn2030-Girls Dawn

"When the rains come and the waters rise, it’s easy to lose hope. That’s why I’m here to lend a helping hand. As a volunteer with the Climate Change Relocation Corps, I know sometimes our toughest challenges are our greatest opportunities. With each evac and resettlement, I meet courageous people just like you. We’ll weather the superstorms together."


"The world is a dangerous place, and no one knows that more than a private security contractor for Fortress Manhattan. We have to protect the Glass Castle so its rezidents can protect us. Luckily, I always have my trusty TZ-487—and a clear head on my shoulders. When not securing the Riverside Zone or managing the Holland checkpoint, I’m the captain of my intramural BASE jumping team. I live for the thrill, but is that so bad?"

2030-Girls Maggie2030-Girls Maggie

"I'm the highest paid female athlete in the Virgo Supercluster, so I know a thing or two about competition. Winning requires discipline and sacrifice. As a biohacker, my whole body is dedicated to drone racing. But being a champion also means being a role model, which is why I started Grinders Give Back. With GGB's help, the next generation of body-mod racers will know the joy of the electromagnetic sixth sense."

2030-Girls Veleria2030-Girls Veleria

"There have been big changes since National Media Corp shut down all competition. Now that my kind has to operate underground, information is more valuable than ever. But don’t worry! My ocular camera implant is always on the lookout for explosive stories. With my vast network of secret sources, I’ll dig deep for the story, because truth is no game."

Written by

Kathryn Williams

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ESB Professional/

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Visions of America LLC/

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